Who’s Right About Energy Policy: American Public v. The Administration


by Chamber Grassroots | March 30, 2012

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While Healthcare has taken center stage over the past few days — it’s also been quite a week for the future of America’s energy security.

First, we learned that the federal courts rebuked the EPA three different times for exceeding its authority—including one case where EPA retroactively revoked a properly secured permit for a coal mining company in West Virginia.

Then, the EPA announced a new rule that will restrict greenhouse gas emissions from power plants in a way that effectively places a ban on new, conventional coal-fired power plants in the future.

Collectively, these EPA actions (even those struck down by the courts) could have the impact of killing American jobs, spiking energy costs, and threatening the electricity grid on which our country runs.

At the same time, the Administration continues to stick to its decision not to allow full construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and a moratorium remains in place that prevents us from tapping the vast energy resources off America’s shores.

All of this comes at a time of when gas prices continue to rise. 

Fortunately, some recent public opinion surveys show that the American people “get it” when it comes to energy policy.  One recent Rasmussen Reports survey shows that a strong majority (58%) of Americans say that free market competition is better than regulations at controlling gas prices.

Another survey finds that the great majority of Americans think we’re not doing enough to develop our domestic oil and gas resources — and a majority favor building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The American people clearly want an “all of the above” energy strategy.  Unfortunately, the Administration’s approach has proved itself as more of a “some of the above” plan, with increases in regulation and restrictive actions taking place over the past few weeks.

As uncertainty and higher prices continue to cloud our energy future, it will become increasingly important that the Administration listens to what the American people want. 

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