January 03, 2017

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This Week in Washington

1. They’re Back: Congress is being sworn in today, kicking off our nation’s 115th Congress

  • Slated to be reelected as Speaker of the House today, Paul Ryan will be swearing in members of the House of Representatives. Over in the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden is swearing in newly elected Senators, as well as those reelected in 2016.
  • Be in the know: Read about the new Senate Minority Leader’s expanded leadership team in the Senate (and bid adios to Senator Reid!).
  • The House of Representatives reversed course today on reforms to the Office of Congressional Ethics passed last night.

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2. 2017 Priorities: Where policy is headed in 2017

  • Changes to Obamacare, Senate confirmations, and regulatory rollbacks are at the top of Congress’s list for 2017, reports Politico.
  • Other areas of early action include a tax overhaul and infrastructure reform, according to Yahoo.
  • Vice President-elect Mike Pence heads to the hill tomorrow to talk Obamacare with House Republicans.

The Takeaway: It’s going to be a busy 2017, and President-elect Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet.


3. U.S. Chamber President Tom Donohue weighs in: Real resolutions for 2017

  • Work Together: “It would be a shame for leaders who agree on most major issues to be torn apart by minor differences and lose the chance to make historic progress on their shared goals.”
  • Real Impact: “The wheels of government turn slowly no matter who is in charge, and the scarcest resource our new leaders will have is time.”
  • Listen: “By listening to everyone from the small business owner, to the low wage worker, to the unemployed college graduate, our government will understand the need that unites all Americans: the need for dynamic economic growth.”

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📅 For your Calendar: The December jobs report will be released on Friday at 8:30 am EST.


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The Takeaway