April 19, 2017

The Takeaway - April 19th

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Top of MindHere's 4 Things Members of Congress Should Be Thinking About While On Recess

Closing in on 100

President Trump completes day 89 in the White House, closing in on his Administration’s first 100 days. Generally speaking, this is the traditional benchmarkby which a new administration is measured.

Take it to the Bank. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Trump indicated support for the United States Export-Import bank.

“I will tell you what, I was very much opposed to Ex-Im Bank, because I said what do we need that for IBM and for General Electric and all these — it turns out that, first of all lots of small companies will really be helped, the vendor companies, but also maybe more importantly, other countries give it. And when other countries give it, we lose a tremendous amount of business.

“So instinctively you would say it’s a ridiculous thing but actually it’s a very good thing and it actually makes money. You know, it actually could make a lot of money.”

Eggs Will Roll. President Trump and First Lady Melania hosted their first White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. Observing the 139 year old tradition, they inviting thousands of children and their parents to the south lawn in what is the White House’s largest public event every year.


On, Wisconsin. Today, President Trump visited Snap-On in Kenosha, Wisconsin,marking his first trip to the Badger State since he’s been sworn in. Wisconsin was one of a handful of traditionally blue states which swung for Trump in the 2016election.

Good Vibrations. After hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-A-Lago earlier this month, President Trump is showing signs of a willingness to work with the world’s largest country, going as far as to say “they’re not currency manipulators” in a recent interview.

The Takeaway: President Trump is taking advantage of the two weeks Congress is out of town on recess. What will his legislative priorities be when they get back next week?

Tax Day Cometh

“The main difference between ourselves and the other side is: We see an America where every day is the Fourth of July. They see an America where every day is April 15th.”

Ronald Reagan, 1984

Happy (official) tax day. This year, today is the deadline. Why? Well, like our tax code, it’s a bit complicated.

As CNN reports:

“When April 15 falls on a weekend, the filing deadline is scheduled for the following Monday, unless that Monday happens to be a holiday. This year, Monday, April 17, is Emancipation Day, which is a legal holiday in the District of Columbia.”

Complicated, right? A bit too representative of the complexity of our tax code.

Tax reform is feasible, but we need your voice to encourage Congress to tackle the hard work it’ll take. Learn more about the top priorities and prospects for tax reform from Caroline Harris’s interview (Chamber tax guru) with Bloomberg last week:


Then - add your name to support tax reform this year.

The Takeaway: DC has the biggest opportunity in the last 30 years to tackle tax reform, but it’s not a guarantee. Your elected officials need to hear from you. 

Round-Up from Around the Map:

Happening Today: GA-06 Special Election. Voters in the Peach State are taking to the polls in the sixth district for the jungle primary election to replace now HHS Secretary Tom Price. The race is expected to enter a runoff between the top two vote getters, if neither cracks 50 percent of the vote. 

The Wrong Kind of Red. Bernie Sanders is still at it, endorsing  country singer and Democratic candidate Rob Quist in the MT-AL special election. Stay tuned for more in that race…

WANTED: more... plumbers? The U.S. Chamber hosted our final growth summit in Detroit last week, speaking with local and state business leaders about the need for a skilled workforce. Read more from a journalist who participated in the roundtable.

Chamber Snapshots A lots happened here at the U.S. Chamber in the first quarter of 2017. Check out the top photos from our events with elected officials and foreign leaders to promote commerce across the map!

Chart of the week: The U.S. Oil Export Boom


Happy Birthday to Us: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce celebrates our 105th birthday on April 22nd. Where'd we come from? 

“The idea of a national institution to represent the unified interests of U.S. business first took shape when President William Howard Taft, in a message to Congress on December 7, 1911, addressed the need for a "central organization in touch with associations and chambers of commerce throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in a closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs."

Four months later, on April 22, 1912, President Taft's vision became a reality when a group of 700 delegates from various commercial and trade organizations came together to create a unified body of business interest that today is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” (via The U.S. Chamber’s History)



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