February 13, 2017

Unwinding Obama’s Energy Regulations

The Senate’s already been busy in 2017; they used the Congressional Review Act to repeal two 11th hour regulations from President Obama on our domestic energy producers, which President Trump is expected to sign into law soon.

These two major victories for our economy include repealing a regulation that launched a war on coal and could have destroyed up to 270,000 jobs as well as a financial regulation that targeted American energy producers and would have put us at a competitive disadvantage competing overseas.

On the heels of these wins, our pro-energy Senators are getting attacked for standing up for American energy production and they need to hear from you to continue the fight.

Email your Senator before they vote this week.

Tell them to support repealing the Bureau of Land Management’s 11th hour regulatory action that imposes costly and redundant requirements on oil and natural gas production that will cost jobs and harm America's energy security.

Rather than strengthen environmental practices, this command-and-control regulatory approach from Washington bureaucrats will simply chase energy developers away, reducing royalty revenues in the process. Ultimately, this regulation handcuffs the energy revolution, makes us more dependent on foreign sources of energy, and translates to higher costs for families and businesses.

Tell the Senate: undo Obama’s energy regulations this week.