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Featured Issues

  • Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank

    Over 3,000 American small businesses rely on Ex-Im to sell their products overseas and compete globally. But Ex-Im shut down on June 30th because Congress failed to renew the bank’s charter, putting thousands of jobs and small businesses at risk. 

  • Tell Congress to Restore the Highway Trust Fund

    It's time for Congress to stop kicking the can down the road and find a long-term solution to fund our nation's transportation and infrastructure. 


  • Lift the U.S. Oil Export Ban

    An outdated 1970s ban on U.S. crude oil exports limits America’s energy potential and conflicts with the economic and geopolitical realties of today’s global economy. Lifting the ban would create thousands of American jobs and support energy independence.

  • Stop the Obamacare Excise Tax

    Starting in 2018, Obamacare’s 40% excise tax will kick in, raising health care costs and reducing coverage for millions of Americans. Tell Congress to repeal this costly tax before it’s too late.

  • Protect your Retirement from Government Red Tape

    The Obama Administration is moving forward with sweeping new regulations that will give bureaucrats more control over how you save for retirement and leave workers and small businesses with fewer investment choices.