Friends of the U.S. Chamber is composed of Americans like you from every walk of life - people who want to make a difference and are committed to ensuring the strength of our economy, especially in these challenging times.

Friends of the U.S. Chamber believes that American prosperity depends on lower taxes and less regulation, not more burdensome paperwork and bureaucracy. It believes in access to affordable health care, not a government mandated solution. It believes America's energy supply needs to be diverse and secure, not legislated by special interests. It believes in allowing employees the right to secret ballot elections, not suppressing workers' rights with a union leader power-grab to further regulate the workplace. And Friends of the U.S. Chamber believes in helping companies grow jobs, not threatening their existence with the risk of frivolous lawsuits.

The U.S. Chamber is committed to fighting for American workers and small businesses. Join our network and add your voice to the national debate on critical issues that impact you and your community. Use this forum to stay informed -- ensuring our nation's long-term prosperity for generations to come. As a Friend of the U.S. Chamber, you'll be able to:

  • Receive personalized information on issues you care about.
  • Contact your Member of Congress about issues important to you.
  • Help the Chamber develop pro-growth, pro-business policies.
  • Invite and recruit other pro-business advocates to join our network.

In a time defined by talk of change, Friends of the U.S. Chamber is a way to make it happen.