Pivot to Jobs Starts with Free Trade Agreements


by Bill Miller | August 10, 2011

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Some folks in Washington greeted last week’s anemic jobs report with a sigh of relief.

While the 117,000 new jobs created in July were certainly more than the analysis predicted, and a sign that we’re not yet in another recession, it’s clear that our economy is still very weak.

However, that “117,000” number may not tell the entire picture.  Is it possible that we actually lost 76,000 jobs last month?

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin reports:

Buried in the job stats was a number — 193,000 — that dwarfed all the rest. That is the number of workers who left the job market. If 193,000 left and only 117,000 jobs were added, we lost 76,000 jobs.

Either way you cut it, we need to do better. 

We have been shouting the need for more jobs from the rooftops for some time now. 

So, we’re encouraged that both the White House and Congressional leaders are focused on a “pivot to jobs” following the tenuous debt ceiling debate and we’ll do everything in our power to help them with that pivot.

One place they should start?  Passing America’s pending free trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama.

A study we commissioned last year shows that failure to act on these agreements could cost America upwards of 380,000 jobs. 

Whether or not we gained or lost jobs in July -- we cannot afford to lose 380,000 jobs as a result of inaction by our lawmakers.

Congress is slated to take up these deals shortly after returning to Washington from their August recess.   Send your members of Congress an email today to urge them to support these free trade agreements.

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